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Product ID 123
Product name PVC Side Tie
Product category: Conductor Fittings
  Products introduction:
PVC plastic double angle side ties are intended for use with covered conductors and vertically-mounted tie top insulators on cross arms or pole-top-mounted insulators.When utilized within double cross arm construction as illustrated,.Line angles of up to 22°to 60°can be comfortably accommodated.
 PVC Double Side Tie Cable Line Tie

PVC plastic double angle side ties are made from white PVC.This material was selected for UV resistance,tensile strength,impact strength, flexural strength and self-extinguishing properties.
Application: voltage to 15kV
Mechanical: PVC plastic double angle side ties  will develop unbalanced and lift-off loads equivalent to,or in excess of, a hand tie over covered conductor.
Insulators: Φ57mm (C Neck), Φ73mm (F neck) and Φ101.6mm (K neck); PVC plastic single line/top ties are used with either ANSI compliant polymer or porcelain insulators.
Data sheet
Model Conductor diameter range(mm) Color code
C Neck (Φ57mm) F Neck (Φ73mm) K neck(Φ101mm) Minimum Maximum
PDCB-57-1016 PDCB-73-1016 PDCB-101-1016 7.52 10.16 White
PDCB-57-1372 PDCB-73-1372 PDCB-101-1372 10.19 13.72 Green
PDCB-57-1854 PDCB-73-1854 PDCB-101-1854 13.74 18.54 Blue
PDCB-57-2337 PDCB-73-2337 PDCB-101-2337 18.57 23.37 Orange
PDCB-57-2794 PDCB-73-2794 PDCB-101-2794 23.39 27.94 Red
PDCB-57-3302 PDCB-73-3302 PDCB-101-3302 27.97 33.02 Black

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