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Product ID 125
Product name PVC Double Top Tie
Product category: Conductor Fittings
  Products introduction:
PVC Plastic Line Tie Double Top Tie

 PVC Plastic Line Tie Double Top Tie
PVC plastic double line /top ties are made from white PVC. This material was selected for UV resistance, tensile strength, impact strength, flexural strength and self-extinguishing properties.

Standard: IEC standard

Mechanical:PVC plastic double line /top ties will develop unbalanced and lift-off loads equivalent to, or in excess of, a hand tie over covered conductor.

Insulators: Φ57mm (C Neck), Φ73mm (F neck) and Φ101.6mm (K neck); PVC plastic single line/top ties are used with either ANSI compliant polymer or porcelain insulators.
Data sheet :
Model Conductor diameter range(mm) Color code
C Neck (Φ57mm) F Neck (Φ73mm) K neck(Φ101mm) Minimum Maximum
PDDB-57-1016 PDDB-73-1016 PDDB-101-1016 7.52 10.16 White
PDDB-57-1372 PDDB-73-1372 PDDB-101-1372 10.19 13.72 Green
PDDB-57-1854 PDDB-73-1854 PDDB-101-1854 13.74 18.54 Blue
PDDB-57-2337 PDDB-73-2337 PDDB-101-2337 18.57 23.37 Orange
PDDB-57-2794 PDDB-73-2794 PDDB-101-2794 23.39 27.94 Red
PDDB-57-3302 PDDB-73-3302 PDDB-101-3302 27.97 33.02 Black


PVC Plastic Line Tie Double Top Tie

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